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About Pelėdų namai

We do what we know best.

Peledu namai was established by two young professionals. In 6 years of operation, we managed successfully to complete various demanding projects. It helped us to progress and find the best solutions for our customers.

Our focus is decor installation. Our projects are complete when we can be proud of our results. This is why we are recommended by our partners and customers. Our values are respect and honesty: to our customers, partners, our work and each other.

OUR Services

Decor installation

We can offer professional and quality service in installing wall and ceiling decorative elements, LED lighting, plinth, faux wood panelling. Decorative framing for mirrors, pictures, indoor lighting, photo wallpaper, flat surface fine decor elements also exterior decorative and facade decor elements.

We sell decorative elements

Over the years we are able to source the best quality products which we can offer to any taste and affordability. You can choose from a wide range of decorative elements for both personal or retail use.

We offer advice

We usually start off listening to your needs and offer our advice. On visiting the site and after evaluation we provide the best possible solutions. If you want to achieve your own ideas but you are not entirely sure how, please get in touch and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.


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+370 650 23200
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